A question I ask my clients – Have you lost your mojo?

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Have you lost your mojo? Have we allowed the magic that we are born with to dwindle?

Mojo? Huh. When did you last feel yours? For years I kept a copy of this inspiring quote I stumbled across in a magazine. I cut it out and stuck it up on several bedroom walls through my time at college and several house moves. I kept it to remind myself that when I grow up I was going to try my hardest to not conform, to take risks each day, to not be too sensible and really try not take myself too seriously.

Today I found it again thanks to the web.

I ask all my coaching clients ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ 

We often lose sight of our dreams as we get older. With mortgages and bills to pay we sometimes lose our mojo. When asked the question we stumble and some people even get embarrassed.  If you ask a 5 year old they fire out their answers about becoming an astronaut, a firefighter, a magician, a footballer, an inventor or an explorer…..

How can we keep ourselves from growing up fully, not lose sight of our dreams and take a risk or too?

Before you revisit this question that lets be fair, you may not have asked yourself for a few years, take a look at Idris Alba’s 2 minute clip as he poses the question.

I coach individuals and groups who want to refocus on their ambitions, get more out of life and rediscover their mojo. My clients need guidance on how to create a bespoke actionable plan to achieve great results. After some provoking self analysis exercises they write a goal setting plan to help them focus on daily, weekly and monthly actions. With a coach they find they achieve so much more than merely drifting through life.

Have you got to a point in your life where you are spinning so many plates that you are functioning on auto pilot and crossing a busy road is the only risk you take?

Would you like a free 15 minute session to see how coaching can help you rekindle the childhood magic and help you to refocus on your dreams?

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