Emma McColm

Emma McColm

To date I’ve taught Textiles and life skills to adults with Autism, been a secondary school teacher of English (not for long), managed nationally recognised youth and community safety teams for a Fire & Rescue Service and delivered behaviour change programmes for the third sector.

The best part of every job I’ve had so far has been supporting teams and individuals to develop themselves. I get so much satisfaction from helping people have their ‘light bulb’ moment that I decided to set up Lakes Coaching doing just this.

Over the past 20 years I’ve had the privilege of sharing my knowledge and expertise with a myriad of organisations, at conferences and networking events throughout the UK.

I weirdly enjoy presenting and public speaking! I like seeing my audiences reaction when I provoke and challenge them.

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    I play at social media and champion its benefits to individuals and businesses.  If you’ve got the bug too please look me up.

    My focus for 2016 is having more adventures like the mountaineering course I did in Scotland, running a half marathon and working with 50 clients to help them have the best year ever. If you’re up for a coaching challenge please contact me for a FREE session.

    I work on my own goals everyday and am committed to sharing the formula for success. I want to help as many people as possible so they too can have the best year of their life.