Get off your butt with ‘Walking meetings’.

Making a snow angel on a walking meeting.
Me making a snow angel on Bow Fell, Cumbria.

Get off your butt with walking meetings. Is sitting really killing us? Nilofer Merchant’s inspiring TED talk has just got me thinking on how much time each day I spend sitting down. It’s the norm for us to sit down most of the day and we conform so easily. How could I try and create a new habit and spend less time on my butt in 2015? Most of us spend longer sitting down each day than we do sleeping. “Sitting has become the smoking of our generation.”

It’s the norm to sit down in meetings but many years ago I was once invited to a ‘task and finish’ group meeting. We were given the task and we only had an hour. The exercise resulted in me getting to know more people than I would have done if I’d have been sat down in a conference type arrangement. I remember this meeting as it was a novelty and I felt both the meeting and my contribution were productive.

I get lots of ideas when I’m out walking in the hills and running as I’ve got time to think. What would my coaching clients think about me suggesting we have monthly walking meetings instead of meeting over a coffee? Some of my clients have got sedentary lifestyles and have set goals to get more fit in 2015 so I’d be helping them and helping myself get off my butt more. Fresh air, stunning views, exercise and a helpful dose of coaching sounds like a winning formula. Here’s is Nilofer’s talk : 

Do you ever have walking meetings? I’d be interested to know how many of us use them, what reactions you get and in what professions? Please leave a comment and I’ll share my updates too.

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